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Globe Telecom Releases its “my Business” Wi-Fi Hub Campaign Combining WG-500P Hotspot in a Printer Provided by Handlink


Globe Telecom is one of major Telecommunication companies in Philippines providing all services including landline, broadband internet, personal mobile. Globe Telecom aims to increase its market share by providing customized campaign and differentiate services targeting its SME (small and medium business) customers. Globe Telecom has tailored a new service campaign," mybusiness", employed a hotspot in a printer, WG-500P, provided by Handlink Technologies Inc. Globe Telecom released "my business" package detail at its official website and Facebook on April 22, 2015. Over 8000 "like" and 300 "share" were gathered within only 3 days from the news fist published, and it is a record high for Globe Telecom official Facebook. Huge amount of Facebook dsicussion proof it to be an exciting and well-appealing package. Telecommunication observers foresees its success and without doubt highly increase Globe's market penetration rate.     
Philippines has over 108.6 millions of mobile phone owners, rank No.14 globally. 78% of population is highly attached to internet and loves to hang-out at internet cafe thus more and more cafe. Some small business owners have already provided Wi-Fi service to keep and lure more customers. In the capital city, Manila, some of government and public venues have provided free Wi-Fi service for citizens. However users can hardly browse over websites but only sufficient to receive and send emails sue to insufficient bandwidth.  Many small and medium business owners have planned to provide Wi-Fi service yet they are skeptical whether this investment (operational cost) could be sufficiently compensated by more customer calls and higher sales. In addition, due to lacking control over bandwidth and naturally over-load users slow down internet speed only result in extensive customer complaints. Lastly, Information security faces high risk by one set of username/password for all users.

Easy to operate - WG-500P is a Wi-Fi hotspot combines a printer. A thermal ticket with a set of username and password or simply by scanning QR code will allows access to Wi-Fi service. WG-500P support AAA (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting) control and layer 2 isolation which allows venue owners to separate private and public pathways.

Bandwidth management - WG-500P support AAA (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting) control and layer 2 isolation which allows venue owners to separate private and public pathways. Flexible Billing - up to 10 billing profiles which makes WG-500P unreplaceable.  This unique function allows venue owners to freely price,  adjust and charge its Wi-Fi service. WG-500P support access control administration, SSL login Page and Dynamic DNS, each customer has a set of unique username and password which increase level of security, furthermore, WG-500P allows remote real time control and management which enable administrator to monitor usage status.

This campaign proofs Handlink's capacity to work directly with Telecom. Globe Telecom 's "my business" package is largely embraced by SME customers hence increase Globe's market penetration.  The success case between Globe Telecom and Handlink Technologies Inc. will soon to spread to other nations and in the industry of telecommunications. We believe this is only a starting model for many more partnership in the near future.

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