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North Telecom Adopted 24Roam Cloud Service for the Wi-Fi Deployment Solution


Mexico is a nation with a vast territory, a solution that support real time remote control Wi-Fi hotspot service is vital to North Telecom , 24 Roam, WG-500P, a hotspot in a printer along with cloud platform solution provided by Handlink Technologies Inc. topped other providers. After triumph on first phase of installation, North Telcom realize from solid evidence this business model is both workable and profitable. North Telecom expects to largely expand its scope and coverage in Mexico using Handlink's hardware and solution which is expected to become its blue ocean strategic partner. 

24Roam is a Public WiFi Roaming prepaid service platform on cloud server. By purchasing a WiFi ticket, a unique set of username and password will allow users to freely roaming among areas receive Wi-Fi signals and not limited to one device during prepaid hours. 24Roam platform on cloud server support remote management ability which enables real-time sales of each WG-500P hotspot and status, records of each hotspot.

24Roam cloud server resolved the accounting and billing problems that occur by Power cut and disconnection in Mexico, non-continuous sys log situation gives a no go to any post paid package while risk of not being able to provide sufficient proof to collect payment. And also Mexico has 98.2% reach in social media sites, which positions Mexico the No.1 globally however fact is broadband service is quite expensive therefore only very few of households subscribed broadband services leave large number of population with strong desire for internet service but is not fulfilled. And last, Mexico is a nation with a vast territory, a hotspot is better off to be installed in most crowded location such as retail shop or cafe, etc.

WG-500P is easy to install which largely decrease cost of installation for North Telecom.  North Telecom, grocery stores owners and Handlink's solution are equally essential to this campaign. Cost of bandwidth, WG-500P, and installation is beard by North Telecom, and grocery store owner provides location and dedication to sell more Wi-Fi tickets to make extra profit plus by ticket-selling brings crowds which drives up-sales for its original business. Win-win model is solid and while success model to be spread and copy, sound profit can be expected.

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