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Handlink's WG-500P Hotspot in a Print New Features Release!


WG-500P Hotspot in a Printer
Many Thinks for Our Loyal Customers

We have received a lot of constructive feedback from our resellers and distributors since WG-500P’s launch 10 months ago. It’s a great pleasure for us. We have seriously evaluated the product and kept track of its newly added features!

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New Features
  • Volume-base Billing Selection
  • - suitable for the area where Internet is more expensive
    - remote districts such as countryside or small islands
  • Free Trial function
  • - Provide a short period of time for users to try on the Internet access
  • Login Page auto resize
  •  - adjustable login page suitable for all kinds of electronic devices
Scenario Reference

Handlink’s WG-500P becomes various venues’ favorite due to its productive Wi-Fi solution in different conditions. Combining a gateway and a printer into one device, WG-500P can be applied not only in cafés, restaurants and malls, but also in mobile conditions such as buses and yachts. Users will only need to press any one of the 3 buttons located on the device and get the printouts with sets of user account and password to log into the Wi-Fi’s usage. This feature also enables customers to understand how the Wi-Fi is charged by looking at the information written on the printouts. Thanks to such a function, venues and customers will also build up a mutual trust and respect.

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