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Handlink’s New Innovation in the Hotspot Market – Hotspot in a Printer

All-In-One Wireless Subscriber Gateway with built-in thermal printer to generate user’s account & password to access internet in the public.


Hsinchu, Taiwan, October, 2013 – Handlink Technologies announced new product WG-500P Hotspot in Print is available to market in the 4th quarter of this year. A lot of service providers indicated this is positive product in the Hotspot market and impressed by its easy operation process and simple deployment setting not to mention it’s fully billing management function.

According to the street news from United State recently, the small venues- café have been declared a war with Wi-Fi squatters. Wi-Fi squatters are the people who take advantage from the venues that provide the unlimited Wi-Fi access. They made a small purchase to get the access and stay there all day long. It effected and damaged the business of Café.

As result, our products can provide the internet access with time limit control which is based on our billing management. The WG-500P can be used as a standalone authentication gateway to monitor and control Internet access while guests/visitors are visiting. The features of WG-500P support web-based authentication and management tool and marketing cooperation such as walled gardens, an internal portal page, and external portal page redirection. It also offers bandwidth and billing management.

In the general way to deploy an Internet environment, the venues who provide a public internet access with the same username and password to guests which are insecure and easy to get identity hijacked. Or they have to take lots of efforts to provide the secure Internet access for guests such as pre-built user’s accounts with passwords and print them out. Now with advantage of the WG-500P patented Account Generator, the venues can easily generate and print out a private Internet access ticket just in seconds with one press.

The WG-500P is one of unique innovation from Handlink, it's more than a simple Wi-Fi hotspot device; it’s also equipped with IP Plug and Play technology so there’s no need for end-users to change any settings in the their devices. It’s fast, easy and trouble free to access Internet.

We also design a login page for venues to key-in guests/visitors identity to fit the laws. According to the law, it requires venue owners to provide the guest’s Internet usage records for tracking. Thus the WG-500P provides a Real-time session information and the remote site administrator could monitor the real time usage status via Session information page.

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