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Handlink’s Smart Wi-Fi Access Point increase your Long-Range Application

High Performance and Carrier-grade 802.11n Capable, with Bandwidth Control and Remote Management Capabilities


Hsinchu, Taiwan, Sep 15, 2013 – Handlink Technologies is glad to announce our new product AP-100 is available in the marketing now. Many of our distributors were waiting for this product to complete so they can provide their client better service. The idea of AP-100 Smart Wi-Fi Access Point design concept is to be an essential component in the Handlink Hotspot Solution.

The AP-100 Smart Wi-Fi can support outdoor long-range wireless communication up to 600 meters (LOS Access) and up to 20 km (LOS Bridge). The application is ideal for Hotel and resorts covering areas such as hallway, lobby, and pool, for schools covering Dormitory, Library and outside area, for public covering Bus stop, lobby, station and other open space areas where Ethernet cabling is impossible to access.

Deployed using public Hotspot architecture, the AP-100 access point features built-in 2x2 MIMO 2.4 GHz antennas and provide maximum wireless signal rate up to 300 mbps speed. AP-100 is capable of operating at Access Point, wireless bridge, repeater, and client and CPE Mode. Its built-in traffic shaping based bandwidth control mechanism allows the control of uplink and downlink traffic throughput on a per-client or per-VAP basis. A full set of networking and management features are available to meet carriers’ requirements. Deployed individually or as a system component extended Wi-Fi coverage and capacity to support Handlink Hotspot solution.

The Handlink AP-100 is the most cost effective and versatile way to replace traditional last mile access. With its IP55 weatherproof chassis design, it can be installed outdoors by the side of a window, mounted to a wall, at the rooftop of a building or placed at the desktop inside for fixed broadband access provisioning. It can be used to build a high capacity Wi-Fi system that achieves the fastest ROI for both telecom operators and enterprises.

The AP-100 can also be used as a standalone Wi-Fi Access Point for smaller networks supporting 802.11b/g/n clients. With its powerful built-in smart antenna, its signal processing technique can track and locate the antenna beam on the mobile/ target to reduce Interference signal and boost the signal strength. The AP-100 also improves the link budgets as much as 16 dB and significantly enhanced network coverage and capacity in long-range application. It is a value added to Handlink Hotspot Solution.