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Handlink’s ACS helps IT staffs for AP mass deployment

ACS, Access Controller System, is a must-have gadget for AP mass deployment.


Hsinchu, Taiwan, July 9, 2013 – Handlink Technologies Inc. has announced its ACS, Access Controller System, to help IT staffs for AP mass deployment.

IT staffs are always worried to configure Handlink WAP-001s ONE BY ONE in hundred rooms. It takes them a lot of time to repeat the same steps. But now, it is easy to set up different IP addresses, ESSID and manage device! The ACS offers group setting and makes data maintenance / modification easier.

APs may be short. Via Handlink PoE-2404, the ACS automatically can monitor WAP-001s’ status 24/7. When a WAP-001 is detected offline in the setting time interval, the ACS will automatically recover the connection.

If an AP does not work, IT staffs are under no obligation to configure the new one again. Via Handlink PoE-2404, the ACS will restore the original setting after the new access point replaces the old one. It will soon resume to work. All changes will be listed in the log report.