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Handlink Announces its WiFi HotSpot Solutions Green Your Technology

HOTEL WiFi, GUEST WiFi, and CAFÉ WiFi Solutions Head for All New Green Experience!


Hsinchu, Taiwan, April 22, 2011 – Handlink Technologies Inc. has today announced its all new WiFi solutions, providing a series of new WiFi experience green your technology in various areas.

People carry smart phone, laptop and tablet pc, connect it to WiFi hotspot, surf the Internet or check email when they wait and seat somewhere. WiFi technology becomes an essential part of our daily life, but how to green your technology? Our WiFi solutions follow the green guides: reuse, reduce, RoHS-compliant and make a real difference for the environment.

Firstly, our HOTEL WiFi Solution provides new WiFi deployment experience for systems integrators, hotel proprietors and constructors in hotel, MDU, dormitory, luxury house, green and intelligent building applications. It reuses the existing network infrastructure, only replaces the wired Internet socket without pulling new wirings and energy saving. We reuse the wiring again, reduce unnecessary need of pulling additional structured copper deployment and keep it out of the waste stream.

Secondly, GUEST WiFi Solution provides one-touch easy account generator that allows you to generate a guest account with a single click. Go green and digital. Instead of submitting print tickets of guest ID, it will be shown on the display instantly and reducing paper usage. It has the advantages of saving paper and money. It's faster, cheaper and much better for the environment.

Finally, the idea of wireless communication instead of pulling Ethernet cables, our CAFE WiFi Solution has the benefits of mobility and energy saving. All our solutions are eco-friendly and toxin-free WiFi hotspot devices as we produce devices with no hazardous materials, they are RoHS-compliant and proper disposal of electronics for the environment in the future.